EventscapesLtd. is comprised of a dynamic duo who work well together, complement each other’s strengths and have fun. They run like clock work and can often be found texting in the wee hours of the morning discussing a new idea. They are aided and abetted by Coco and Harley, their two dogs who are wonderfully skilled workers.

Meet Chrystal - The Creative 

I love paper. I covet it. I like to have it around just to look at. Such began my love affair with all things beautiful. I lived in Asia for 30 years and was able to collect an amazing array of textures, colors and designs in fabrics, ribbons, papers and trinkets. You could find my personally handcrafted cards in museums and shops across Asia, London and the US. I am now using my experience to create beautiful and unique events. I would love to craft the perfect event for you.

Meet Alexis - The Energy

My design and taste aesthetic was honed working at The New York Times for 35 years. As the former senior Vice President of Advertising, I was privileged to work with many of the best brands in the world. My attention to detail and focus on the project at hand was some of what made me successful in that world. I would like to put all my skills to work for you and your event.

Meet Coco & Harley - The Helpers